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Prepare yourself before consultation and surgery

Information you need to know to prepare yourself 

Before your appointment
  • You should visit our clinic and have a consultation in person prior to surgery so the doctor can perform a proper physical examination which will lead to correct diagnosis and choose the best choice of procedure.

  • You need to inform all current underlying disease and medication, including all supplements.

  • If you have diabetes mellitus or hypertension, it should be in a good control at least 3 months prior to the operation. Poor control diabetes can lead to poor wound healing and wound infection. High blood pressure during the operation can cause excessive bleeding and can lead to heart disease attack or stroke. 

  • In case of droopy eyelid in older person, preparing your portrait photographs when you are young adult will help in diagnosis

  • Most medication can be continue normally except of blood thinning medication or medication which slow coagulation effect of the blood including some supplements such as vitamin E, fish oil, omega 3, Ginko biloba, Ginseng etc. Should be discontinue for 7-14 days prior to the operation.


On the operation day
  • You should be accompany by your family or friend

  • You can eat, drink and take your medication as usual except of medication that the doctor advise to withheld  

  • You should apply NO makeup. You can apply moisturizer and sunblock

  • Dress with front button shirt 

After the operation


  • You need to contact us or seek for medical evaluation urgently if

    - Severe pain around your eye and not able to open your eye

    - Decrease of vision or double vision 

    - Mark increase of swelling and redness of incision site, pus from the wound or have fever 

    - Large amount of fresh blood from incision site 





































Food and drink 

You can eat and drink as usual, no special diet needed


Wound care 

Incision site will be swelling and bruising. Cold compression and elevate head of the bed will speed up recovery. Cold compression should be continue for the first 72 hours after the operation by doing 20 minutes of compression and 20 minutes of rest without compression. You can use crush ice in plastic bag or cold-hot gel wrap by sterile gauze or clean towel. After first 72 hours, change to warm compression 4 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time until all swelling and bruising disappear.

All sutures will be remove 7-10 days after the operation. All swelling will continue to subside and usually completely recover in 1-2 months.

Additional care 

1. Elevate head of the bed for the first 48 hours to reduce fluid accumulation around the wound

2. No water contact the wound for 7-10 days, until all stitches is removed. Apply antibiotic ointment directly to the wound to prevent wound infection. Clean your face with towel and wash your hair at the salon. There is no need to cover your wound with gauze.

3. You can take Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) if you expirience wound pain. NSAIDs can cause more bleeding and bruising.  

4. No exercise and avoid to go outside, especially to highly polluted area.Wear sunglasses or protective goggle if you have to

Eyelid Surgery

The operation time is 20-30 minutes per eye, around 45 minutes to 1 hour for both eyes. All eyelid procedures are minor operation so there is no need for hospitalization. You can go home after spend 30 minutes in the recovery room.


The first appointment after the operation is 7-10 days to remove stitches. During this time, no water contact to wound is crucial to prevent wound infection.

From our customers 

“Many thanks to my doctor, now I have natural beautiful double eyelid. No one believe it is from birth”

K. Pui

“Dr.Preamjit's hand is real gentle. I feel no pain at all during numbing medication injection and through out the surgery. The most painful part was when I went for stitches off somewhere else”

K. Ki

“I went to work on day 3 after the operation with no problem. Now my eye is bigger, no more eyelid drooping. Much more confident" 

K. Fai