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Open rhinoplasty

Regular nose augmentation is performed by insertion of silicone to the saddle area. However, it will not treat wide base or bulbous tip area. Nowadays there are several way of silicone placement namely;

a  Long placement to the base of the nose              

b  Long placement to the base of the nose and placement of ear cartilage anterior to silicone

c  Placement to the tip of the nose and placement of ear cartilage anterior to silicone

d  Short placement with nasal cartilage modification


 Complication of silicone placement at the tip and base of the nose 

Long term complication of a-c silicone placement included: skin thinning and visible of silicone, redness of the overlying skin, wound infection, silicone exposure, disfigurement of the nose. 


Current standart treatment internationally is d type placement which decrease complication rate.


Moreover, tip and nasal cartilage modification by type d operation will result in more pleasant nose shape and more natural look.

Different of regular rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty


If compare nose augmentation to when you bulid the house, regular surgery is like when you change only the roof to be more steep. Open rhinoplasty is like you re-build everything from the base, so you can adjust and change shape of the nose the way you want. However, open rhinoplasty need longer operation time, more incision site and the most important, more experience surgeon.

Who will need open rhinoplasty?


  • One with upslant tip of the nose, short nose

  • One with exposed silicone from previous surgery 

  • Bulbous nose, wide base nose 

  • Need tip modification but deny incision site lateral to the nose

  • High arch nose

  • Nose deviation 

  • Nasal septum deviation, asymmetrical nostril  

  • One with nose disfigurement from previous surgery

  • One with previous filler injection to the nose

  • One who need more natural look